Blumers & Partner provides advice on complex, specific questions in tax law and company law and can support you if you:

  • restructure your company in Germany, Europe or worldwide;
  • update your company’s financing structure, e.g. with mezzanine financing, loans, the utilization of state support or by going public;
  • purchase, sell or invest in another enterprise;
  • improve cooperation with other companies (where necessary cross-border) through a strategic alliance or a joint venture;
  • relocate your company or parts of it within Europe or around the globe and/or if you yourself intend to move;
  • initiate your business´s corporate succession, draw up your entrepreneur last will and testament or establish a foundation in order to settle a succession, for charitable or other reasons;
  • structure your economic activities as a public corporation.

Blumers & Partner is not an accounting firm (compliance) and does not prepare income tax returns or annual financial statements. In fact, the firm sees itself as an adviser of corporations and entrepreneurs in specialized queries relating to tax and company law. So Blumers & Partner is frequently consulted by tax and chartered accountants on behalf of their clients. Accordingly, Blumers & Partner always works hand in hand with these experts and offers absolute client protection.